We are Sam and Rachel. For a long time, we’ve had a dream of building treehouses in a beautiful woodland. In 2016, we decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. After a long and hard search, we finally stumbled across Wolf Wood*, so we headed off from Sam’s family farm, where we had been making an artisan cheese, and moved to Devon with our children Honey and Charlie.

In the spring of 2017, with the help of our friend Henry, a skilled traditional timber framer, we developed our treehouse design and started building.

*Wolf Wood takes its name from the stream that runs through the woodland, which is a tributary of the River Wolf.


We’ve taken great care in sourcing much of our timber locally. All the timber used in our frames is cut and sawn from sustainable timber grown less than 30 miles away. The round wood posts are Larch. The rest of the frames are Douglas Fir.

The timber was delivered to Wolf Wood either as tree logs (with bark on) or rough sawn. All the framing was carried out in the barn at the top of the hill.

The framing was a family affair – even the kids mucked in with the stripping of the bark. But we were all under the supervision of the incredibly talented timber framer, Henry. Legend has it that he put Windsor Castle back together after the fire – but he’d never admit it.

We were determined to tread lightly when raising each frame, so rather than bring in heavy lifting equipment; we used traditional ropes and pulleys, and a wonderful group of talented friends!

So like giant Meccano, after just a few days, our frames rose from the ground and into the treetops.

Wolf Wood Treehouses received grant funding assistance from European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.